This is really cool.

and http://www.1percentedge.com/ifcalc/

Grocery shopped like a boss.

…No CD drive for ripping these CDs T_T started The Trouble with Physics, though!

Onto work…

Catching up what I meant to do yesterday, oops! Emailed about meeting.
Starting in on more Neutrinos reading…3rd lecture mostly done, going into fourth. I should collect notes into a cohesive latex document on Monday.
“The lesson of the work was clear: It is easy to shield out the noise men make, but impossible to shut out the cosmos.”
Baaaasically skimmed 3 and 4 by now. They’ll need a re-read tomorrow.
Reading the old low energy document…

Aim and Ignite!

Going to watch that movie Wendy recommended…
This looks cool! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004L6NTHU/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B004L6NTHU&linkCode=as2&tag=homescnewzealan

Going to try to get in cardio…more silly ab stuff. I need to add flexibility and cardio to some sort of spreadsheet @_@ I’ve got my main lifts down.
Ran ~10 minute mile pace for 22 minutes, not terrible for the elevation and lack of running lately.

我们人人都爱他 = Everybody loves him. 分手吧 break up.
Downloaded the old CGWAS notes ❤




@_@ mostly a resting day in a lot of ways…definitely not leaving Los Alamos tomorrow. Will only spend money if someone other than the guys I was with today want to hang out, exception for groceries.

Lots to do tomorrow now 😦

Bench went fine, but was hard.
Squat went ehhh, but I did finish, barely. The back to back was not really okay, I guess that’s what happens when you take a 3/week plan and make it 3.5/week…
I need to figure out the correct weight for cable crunches / have them form checked. Hyperextensions suck a little bit, but I think I can move up 2.5 lbs.
Curls are ready to move to 30s, I think, but I’m tempted to do 25 at 12-10-8 first ><‘
Triceps will go 12-10-8 before moving up, for sure…I don’t know if they have 60s at the tiny gym…
Need to think about accessories in general using ICF
This website is great http://www.strengthstandards.co/

I ate a BUNCH but it was not terribly wasteful or anything 🙂 I maaaybe should’ve have the frap, but I thought I needed far before I ate the burgers ><‘

Got my library card and had a good time BBQ-ing food. Got out a handful of good books and CDs!


Better start today…plans are rolling~

Need to fix scrobbling on Spotify 😦

Things are gearing up to get messy ><‘

I should learn some statistics…
Going through presentations ><!
Software installing, again, waiting for it to fail. I stopped it between being in the fg and bkg, hope nothing breaks…emailed the output to postdoc to analyze.
http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap980605.html This is amazing. Weird seeing an author and knowing them @_@ in http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Solar_System,_technical/Sun

Cool things:
Simple, but good to remember http://www.techrepublic.com/article/master-the-linux-bash-command-line-with-these-10-shortcuts/
Apparently Beryllium is element number 4…oops.

So there it is… probably more confusing than a sign language reading of Finnegans Wake by a dude with a wicked case of polydactly.



Training…was exhausting and I definitely was kind of lost on the way there.

Hassle over time documents 😦 I misread the times on the emails and totally screwed up getting things in on time (time zone differences + drowsiness = failure).

Today feels largely wasted, but I have tea and I did laundry and I got a major training out of the way. I also did some cardio for the first time in a long time…and it was terrible. Thanks, elevation! I think I can get some work done, still, tonight and sleep a crap ton. If I go in tomorrow in a bit late and then simply work through till the student dinner starts, I should be fine. 

LANL Mess:
GET done. I should have a computer when I get back…I now know where White Rock is and where the training building is.

Neutrinos: Note to self, adviser is possibly an insomniac. I guess this is sort of a thing in physics. I refuse to get less than, like, 5 hours of sleep while I’m still this weak, though.

~30 minutes of cycling in. Comparing to the last time I cycled, it looks pretty bad. Elevation is a big factor, but also a general lack of cardio in my life. We’ll see if I can beat effort needed down…I’d like to start running, but I’m worried about my lifting/climbing schedule. 

This is a bit sketch today since I ate a massive open face burger with fries that was probably a bit heavier than the ~1000 calories I estimated. I’m probably reasonably close to my goals, though.

Planning June’s visit @_@
This will be cool http://www.santafeopera.org/tickets/ 



Slow start to the day…but progress has been made!

Rental car? Acquired.

Cryptocard? Received and registered~ 

LANL Mess:
Training is all scheduled. Requested after hours access. Computer should be ready by tomorrow afternoon. Will check on printing then.
Related note, need to get into time-document habits and start filling them out daily or all at once.

Neutrino Work:
Going to start with notes, then bother people, then work on the presentation.
Notes going alright, into the second presentation with some questions from the first. Bothered a couple people already and will bother a couple more, I got a LOT of information very quickly and I need to clean some of it up / re-write sections.
Presentation will wait till I get home, but it looks like it will come together decently at this point.

ST Work:

HEP Work:

Any time after 5pm, have my core exercises noted but need accessories still.
Stealing from ICF – BP day? Barbell Shrugs, Tricep Ext, Curls, Cable crunch, Hyper extensions. OHP day? Curls and Cable Crunches.
Also adding in the silly ab thing…need to do still. Skipped shrugs and climbed and I feel terrible.
Investigate: http://nnmsalsa.synthasite.com/abq.php and http://www.cspdancestudios.com/

I need more food than what I bought…even cutting I’m simply not eating enough. I need something more protein dense, too.

Apothem is a TIL word.


Today has been a bit of a long day and it’s not stopping yet (~1 am). 

HEP Work:
Made progress and emailed adviser about SSI 2014 attendance and a general update. Details in the research document, but this was a moderately productive weekend.

ST Work:
Sadly, need addressing still (~1 am). If I get enough work done, I think my goal for the summer is a presentation at COSMO 2014.

Neutrino Work:
Emailed adviser with an update. Working on a presentation for the status of the prototype of the experiment and then working on software issues. 

Traded the planned cardio for first time sport climbing!!! 
I climbed a baby 5.6 in a stupid long amount of time, then went up ~3-4 times faster the next time.
First time lead belaying, first time top-rope belaying.
I think the place was area 34? It was near the caldera.
Signed up for a totally stupid ab plan, should have some lifting to do tomorrow (weights in the spread sheet) and then hopefully some climbing (the wall is open weird hours, though)… then the ab stuff.

Under-protein for the day…but I think I might my other nutritional goals ><? I guess I can just eat some yogurt :S Had too many silly things T_T
Will try to use the spreadsheet more this week…

Social things:
Started on some photo uploads! Will do another chunk tomorrow if I have the energy x.x

Life looks good in the next few months 🙂 I have emailed some people I’d like to bother, but the list of people to bother seems to be ever expanding. I think I might make a Google doc of physics people and their contact information…the current list is handwritten and getting silly, fast.
Need to plan out tomorrow a little..later in the week is fine.
Need to plan out research goals and career goals sometime this week :((( this is sooooo hard.
Emailed Murphy hall people about fellowships.
http://science.energy.gov/hep/funding-opportunities/graduate-fellows-in-high-energy-theory/ This makes me kind of sad </3
Transitioning emails / merging them needs to happen this week.