Ideas in Physics Education

To begin with, I’m going to start a video catalog like the one Dr. Goldbart discussed. I’ll worry about organization later…for now, I will amass links below:

General collection of physics course lectures, I have not sifted through them all yet:

From the above:

Introduction to Cosmology and Particle Physics- SEAN CARROLL, woo

Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to the Science of Soft Matter – Harvard

The Character of Physical Law – Feynman

Susskind’s Theoretical Minimum:

  1. Classical Mechanics; Full playlist here –
  2. Quantum Mechanics; Full playlist here –
  3. Special Relativity; Full playlist here –
  4. General Relativity; Full playlist here –
  5. Cosmology; Full playlist here –
  6. Statistical Mechanics; Full playlist here –

Susskind’s New Revolution in Particle Physics:

  1. Basic Concepts; playlist begins here –
  2. Standard Model; playlist begins here –

Perimeter Scholars Courses:

List of lecture topics (for 2010/11):

  1. Research Skills
  2. Theoretical Physics
  3. Math and Mathematica
  4. Quantum Theory
  5. Relativity
  6. Quantum Field Theory 1
  7. Statistical Mechanics
  8. Quantum Field Theory 2
  9. Scientific Computation
  10. Conformal Field Theory
  11. Mathematical Physics
  12. Standard Model (Review)
  13. Condensed Matter (Review)
  14. Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (Review)
  15. Quantum Gravity (Review)
  16. Gravitational Physics (Review)
  17. Cosmology (Review)
  18. Quantum Information (Review)
  19. String Theory (Review)
  20. Explorations in Quantum Mechanics
  21. Explorations in Condensed Matter
  22. Explorations in String Theory
  23. Explorations in Cosmology
  24. Explorations in Particle Theory
  25. Explorations in Numerical Relativity

Links provided below;

  1. 2009/10; Full Course Listing –
  2. 2010/11; Full Course Listing –
  3. 2011/12; Full Course Listing –
  4. 2012/13; Partial Course Listing –

Prospects in Theoretical Physics:

update this later ^

Sidney Coleman’s QFT Lectures:

Feynman’s QED Lectures:

Go through:


Things we don’t do: particle, plasma
Nobel lectures:

Wilzcek ten year’s ago:

Experimental stuff?: ILC, Fluids,

TED Talks


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