Survived the PGRE…now onto Fulbright madness for just a little bit more and catching up on work, woo.

2 hours on E & M…the homework so far has felt good.

Onto research then field theory?

30 minutes of field theory.

Exercise and stuff, woo.


9/18/2013 [This is going to suck]

Minor update financially: I’m totally broke! Negative money in accounts level of broke-ness, woo! We’ll see where that takes me…so far not crying on the inside too much, but definitely complaining too much in public. Oh well, onto the work.


10:30 the day begins.

11:00 some progress on Class Mech. Not fast enough.

12:45 more progress on Class Mech, daily logistics are getting in my way though. Time to leave for research meeting :S

3:30 meeting accomplished, I should have money owed to me soon. Next meeting scheduled concretely, which is good. Homework was not quite finished for Class Mech. I really needed the hours I overslept…oh well. Planning while waiting for ride home.

6:00 arrived at Tech…

7:45 Back to work…lost a lot of time to dinner 😐

~2:20am basically done with E&M and onto other things. Going to give myself some time to log fitness [lack thereof] and health things.

~3:20am Not strictly useful, but I managed to type up the problems for the next quantum hw [due Monday] and it looks reasonable. Fitness / health trackers are all sync’d and good to go. Going to get up, stretch, water, then get onto doing some research :3

~4:20am I got some serious organizational progress on FCNC stuff and I have begun to make progress with the kinematics I have been ignoring. . .but my energy is not workin’ out…I’ll have to examine this stuff in detail after I’ve slept some more and can think through it more clearly. If I can make a habit of getting a minimum of an hour a day on this in, I’ll be in better shape for pace and finances @.@

[At 9:30 I’ll transition to the next day’s post.]

6:00am Basically done with EM…need to clean up one last thing. Gym opens soon…I should go run and shower and stuff, then come back and finish the work. I’m starting my dietary / fitness log now though.  Goal for when I get back: Finish EM, read EM book, Bubble research, food.

~7:30am back from exercise, onto quick food then finish EM / read EM fo sho. I kind of want to try and spend some time going over PGRE stuff…but I don’t know how effective that’d be. Definitely not drinking caffeine until after I get a nap.

~8:30 good fifteen minutes of bubbles and the rest was food, EM finishing or sitting around.

Got some reading done but sort of dozed some…homework was turned in successfully though.


Round 2? Yep.

June 17, 2013

I’m going to get things done today.
So far;
Smoothie breakfast [protein]
4.5/5 on German Oral Final .=.
30 minutes on Bubbles, new potential isn’t working out…I’ll need to tune it by hand this evening.
~30 minutes on my Fall budget…good god is it depressing. Step one is to cut back on food costs, but I’m still, well, ….I’ll see.

Have to pick up room then lunch and German essay, hopefully groceries following…….

Groceries, room etc done and it’s now 5 pm. What the actual fuck…

…almost 7. Half an hour ish on the essay and 45 minutes or so Bubbles. A brief nap, too.

Dinner, planning. FINISH EDITING THE CODE IN calcInitial…

Essay done, 8:45. Wow….this is not so great…

Lots of vocab and testing?


June 15, 2013

…I’ve been slacking a bit too hard.

Put about 2.5 hours into the German Oral Exam today [it’s a project]…that was slow and not super fun, but hopefully with another 2 hours or so from each of us it will work out nicely.

Putting in some time for the bubbles, learning how Kranc works a little better. Modified ScalarTensor files still failing though… I am really hoping I have an expanding bubble by Friday…then it’ll be onto two, etc.

Looking forward to Caltech in just over a month! I have a list of people to bother while there, I think I’ll update my calendar to include what’s going on there.

Need to actually register for DPF…and buy tickets…crap. I need to calendar this as well.

Walked around some to get out, then a half an hour of Vocab compilation. I need to get everything together and start on Verbs this evening.

Dinner and then more work on the project…one hour down, one more to go before I’m satisfied with this evening.

Some more work on the bubbles. I think I found part of my failing…we’ll see.

June 9, 2013

up, shower, german.
30 minutes of German as of 12:20…not exactly up early, but not terrible.
Cleaned car out 😐 that took a while….
30 minutes on proposed plan of research for Fulbright…it sucks having two good things to write about and being confined to one.
Delicious lunch with brother for his birthday ><‘ haven’t spent that much for food in a while.
30 minutes more of German vocab, woooo
15 minutes on the German essay ><”’


June 8, 2013

Rose,  Laundry, nap.
2*15 mins German vocab
Groceries, lunch.
2*15 mins German vocab, chapter 7. Can read, need to work on: Gender, Plural, Conjugation.
Tea break
30 minutes on my Personal Statement for NSF/Fulbright etc. Definitely making progress, hopefully will have three or so pages by Tuesday [to be pared down, of course]. Still need: Plan of research!

Emailed the Fulbright coordinator for Europe and a potential research mentor @.@

1 hour of particle stuff.
another half an hour. Ugh, dfahsldflafd
30 more minutes of German. Vocab for chapter 8. Needs lots of work.

Chapter 9…needs a lot of work as well. Sucks :L
Back to particles…
Some more German.
Caught up on Stewart 😐
Okay day?

June 4th, 2013

The periodic law has shown that our chemical individuals display a harmonic periodicity of properties, dependent on their masses. Now, natural science has long been accustomed to deal with periodicities observed in nature, to seize them with the vice of mathematical analysis, to submit them to the rasp of experiment. And these instruments of scientific thought would surely, long since, have mastered the problem connected with the chemical elements, were it not for a new feature which was brought to light by the periodic law and which gave a peculiar and original character to the periodic function . . . Not only are there no intermediate elements between silver, which gives AgCl, and cadmium, which gives CdCl2, but, according to the very essence of the periodic law there can be none; in fact a uniform curve would be inapplicable in such a case, as it would lead us to expect elements possessed of special properties at any point of the curve.[25] The periods of the elements have thus a character very different from those which are so simply represented by geometers. They correspond to points, to numbers, to sudden changes of the masses, and not to a continuous evolution. In these sudden changes destitute of intermediate steps or positions, in the absence of elements intermediate between, say, silver and cadmium, or aluminium and silicon, we must recognize a problem to which no direct application of the analysis of the infinitely small can be made . . . Having thus indicated a new mystery of Nature, which does not yet yield to rational conception, the periodic law, together with the revelations of spectrum analysis, have contributed to again revive an old but remarkably long-lived hope–that of discovering, if not by experiment, at least, by a mental effort, the primary matter[30]–which had its genesis in the minds of the Grecian philosophers, and has been transmitted, together with many other ideas of the classic period, to the heirs of their civilization.

Dmitri Mendeleev

Journal of the Chemical Society (London) 55, 634-656 (1889)
(FARADAY LECTURE delivered before the Fellows of the Chemical Society in the Theatre of the Royal Institution, on Tuesday, June 4th, 1889.)
6 hours of work on the bubbles,
2 hours of German class,
$3 Burrito was worth the detour,
30 minutes of German vocab so far.
30 minutes of Grammar.

Some more German then sleep 😐

Mediocre day?