March 13, 2012

Researched Error Analysis and such some more…I might need Scientific Linux to install my software for the REU??? Sigh…

Working on VCT stuff, Chapter 10.3. Had an issue with problem 12, briefly but understand now. The video is a fantastic resource… :S messed up 15, whoops..I went the complicated route and messed up somewhere.

~1 hour down, and I feel semi-accomplished. Still have a lot to work on, but this was good practice. Just did 16 over again, and that’s a bit better now. Some things should be obvious, but still are not so I may return to these briefly another time.

~30minutes tutoring

Worked on Commonapp some :S I need to get back to doing math though….stretching/walking around first

11.2.2 and 11.2.5 were jokes so far 11.2.8 was easy but slow, will continue onto 11.3 later

~1 hour of VCT from the above.

Working on financial aid information, then possibly Commonapp and such then maybe dinner?

Working Topology 6.3: 1 and 2 were trivial. Need to finish 3.b. Finished problem 4. Finished problem 5. Need to finish problem 6, not doing problem 7.

Read the section on Convexity, still need to try a problem or two.

~1 hour of Analysis from the above

Learned that I may *not* need Scientific Linux, he just hasn’t test on Ubuntu :S…

~1.5 hours on QED renormalization :S need to check some stuff still…

~.5 hours of tutoring ….ugh…

~ (1/3) hours on Sakurai. . .that book could be very good for me if I can devote time to it later.


March 5, 2012

Hour one: Galois Theory.

Hour two: More Galois Theory, still not ready for tomorrow though 😐 need to finish preliminary notes *before* I go through things for comprehension, and that’s before I do the assigned HW @.@

Taking a mental break and going to try to sit around and tutor for approximately an hour.

Hour three: Tutoring. that was awful…

Hour four: Python, just over half the material for the unit covered.

…bathroom and then to Analysis and Sets?

Hour five: Linear Algebra (VCT) chapter 10; sections 10.1 and 10.2 sort of skipped over an exercise or two from 10.2 though.

~3:11 hmmm probably should sleep now

Feb 20, 2012

30 Minutes of Purcell, wrote up two problems and drafted another. I have a little bit of an issue with writing out things as rigorously as the solutions guide does, but I get the same answer 😛

Started Analysis Take Home…

Biked 10 miles on exercise bike ><! Felt good. Tracking my food intake and exercise …again.

~40 minutes on Python basics ended on processors

30 minutes on Galois Theory, finished problems

List of Summer Opportunities

Alright so this is my present list of Summer Opportunities. I’m primarily listing things that I am interested in, and thus these consist mostly of particle and astrophysics REUs.

  • UC Davis REU
  • Caltech SURF
  • Lee Teng Internship
  • Purdue REU
  • William & Mary REU
  • U Michigan CERN REU
  • Stony Brook REU
  • Rice REU

For now, that’s all I’m posting. I’ll post details about each and in particular, due dates and requirements etc.

Classes for Spring 2012

So far I’m looking at the following:

  • Introduction to Galois Theory – 3hrs
  • Topics in Set Theory – 3hrs
  • Real Analysis I – 3hrs
  • QFT II – 3hrs

The Introduction to Galois Theory is basically going to be an Abstract II initially. It’ll be filling me in on Rings and Fields before going into the meat of the material. Probably going to use Gallian primarily and Artin as a supplement (hoping to avoid Fraleigh).

Topics in Set Theory will be part of a foundations in Mathematics, so to speak. The goal is to cover ZFC with choice, rigorously. Text comes from Lewin’s Analysis and personal course notes.

Real Analysis I won’t cover the traditional topics and will remain entirely in one dimension. There will be a period of background material including:Emergence of Rigor in Calculus, Mathematical Grammar, Proof Writing, Set Theory. The topics of the course will be roughly as follows: Real Number System, Topology of the Real Line, Limits of Sequences, Limits and Continuity of Functions, Differentiation, Exponential & Logarithmic Functions, Riemann Integration, Infinite Series, Improper Integrals, Sequences and Series of Functions, Integration of Functions of Two Variables. In honesty, I doubt we’ll cover them all…the expanded topics list in the text is considerably greater. The text is by Lewin

The course in QFT will really be finishing what I should have done last semester (whoops) and then continuing into more advanced material, hopefully I’ll move from Ryder to Peskin & Schroeder. There is a hidden piece of awesomeness though…I’ll be covering General Relativity (from the particle physicist’s perspective, of course) from Weinberg in parallel.


Besides the courses, I’ll also begin research in QCD…or so I’ve been told, we’ll see how that turns out, haha.

Courses for Fall 2011

Courses for this Fall include:

Chinese I (Trying to fulfill humanities and because I have some background in Chinese)

Programming Principles I (Matlab then Java…leads to Programming Principles II which has a nice transfer cred)

Modern Algebra I (Aka Abstract Algebra with a focus on Groups and an Intro to Rings, should be great for Physics)

Physics of the Micro-world and Cosmos (Aka Modern Physics for nubs)

Discrete Modeling I (leads to Discrete Modeling II…which has a nice transfer cred)

Composition II (Necessary to transfer, not something I am going to enjoy)

Quantum Field Theory (Directed Study, probably won’t be the big deal I want it to be)


Let’s see how the semester turns out…while I’m here talking about schedules I’ll post my predicted Spring Schedule…let’s see if it changes by then?

Courses for the Spring (may) include:

Chinese II (Needed for humanities, see above)

Programming Principles II (Nice transfer credit and a decent Java based course)

Real Analysis I (Preparation for difficult Math later, kind of like the QFT and the Abstract Algebra)

Discrete Modeling II (Nice transfer credit!)

Numerical Methods II (Nice transfer credit as well)

Quantum Field Theory II? (We’ll see how this semester goes…)