Courses for Fall 2011

Courses for this Fall include:

Chinese I (Trying to fulfill humanities and because I have some background in Chinese)

Programming Principles I (Matlab then Java…leads to Programming Principles II which has a nice transfer cred)

Modern Algebra I (Aka Abstract Algebra with a focus on Groups and an Intro to Rings, should be great for Physics)

Physics of the Micro-world and Cosmos (Aka Modern Physics for nubs)

Discrete Modeling I (leads to Discrete Modeling II…which has a nice transfer cred)

Composition II (Necessary to transfer, not something I am going to enjoy)

Quantum Field Theory (Directed Study, probably won’t be the big deal I want it to be)


Let’s see how the semester turns out…while I’m here talking about schedules I’ll post my predicted Spring Schedule…let’s see if it changes by then?

Courses for the Spring (may) include:

Chinese II (Needed for humanities, see above)

Programming Principles II (Nice transfer credit and a decent Java based course)

Real Analysis I (Preparation for difficult Math later, kind of like the QFT and the Abstract Algebra)

Discrete Modeling II (Nice transfer credit!)

Numerical Methods II (Nice transfer credit as well)

Quantum Field Theory II? (We’ll see how this semester goes…)