Physics Books I have access to (to be updated as time passes)


Resnick’s Fundamental Physics

Feynman’s QED, The Strange Theory of Light and Matter

Fermi’s Thermodynamics

Griffith’s Quantum Mechanics

REA’s Physics Problem Solver


Irodov’s Problems in General Physics

Feynman’s QED, The Strange Theory of Light and Matter

Penrose’s Road to Reality

Young’s University Physics

Resnick’s Fundamental Physics

French’s Vibrations and Waves

Feynman’s Lectures on Physics (Vol I-III)

Beiser’s Concepts of Modern Physics

Hewitt’s Conceptual Physics

Fermi’s Thermodynamics

Misner, Thorne, Wheeler’s Gravitation

T ‘Hooft’s  Introduction to General Relativity

Dirac’s General Relativity

Griffith’s Quantum Mechanics

Griffith’s Intro to Particles

Griffith’s Electrodynamics

Jackson’s Electrodynamics

Shankar’s Quantum Mechanics

Sakurai’s Quantum Mechanics

Crowell’s…everything haha

Kimball’s A College Text-Book of Physics

S. Cahn’s A Guide to Physics Problems Part 1 & Part 2

Blandford’s Applications of Classical Physics

Basu’s Dictionary of Pure and Applied Physics

Firk’s Essential Physics 1

Oman’s How To Solve Physics Problems

Schiller’s Motion Mountain

Serway’s Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Ashby’s Principles of Modern Physics

Bueche & Hecht’s (Schaum’s) Easy Outlines – College Physics Crash Course

Beiser’s (Schaum’s) Outline of Applied Physics

Philip’s Atlas of the Universe

Philip’s Astronomy Encyclopedia

W. Smart’s TextBook on Spherical Astronomy

Belkora’s Minding the Heavens

C. dePree’s Idiots Guide to Astronomy

Halzen’s High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy

A. Roy’s Astronomy – Principles and Practices

Susskind’s Introduction to Black Holes Information and The String Theory

Nardo’s Black Holes

Falcke’s Galactic Black Hole Lectures on General Relativity and Astrophysics

Collins’s Foundation of Celestial Mechanics

Roos’s Introduction to Cosmology

J. Islam’s Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology

Liddle’s Introduction to Modern Cosmology

Raine’s Introduction to the Science of Cosmology

Bellido’s Astrophysics & Cosmology

Liddle’s Cosmological Inflation and Large-Scale Structure

Cole’s Cosmology. The origin and evolution of cosmic structure

Norbury’s General Relativity and Cosmology for Undersgraduates

Bonometto’s Modern Cosmology

Dolgov’s Neutrinos in Cosmology

Yulsman’s Origins – The Quest for our Cosmic Roots

Perkins’s Particle Astrophysics

Linde’s Particle Physics and Inflationary Cosmology

M. Berry’s Principles of cosmology and gravitation

Weinberg’s Quantum Cosmology and Baby Universes

Wudka’s Relativity, Space-Time and Cosmology

Tolman’s Relativity, thermodynamics, and cosmology

Weinberg’s The First Three Minutes – a modern view of the origins of the universe

Woolfson’s The Origin and Evolution of the Solar System

Papantonopoulos’s The Physics of the Early Universe

M. Bartelmann’s Weak Gravitational Lensing

Landau series….

+ Others to be added


Progress in Physics Books

Books and my progress, pages numbers for the moment:

Shankar’s Quantum Theory-page 12 (20/8/2011)-page 22(28/8/2011)

Hewitt’s Conceptual Physics-page 136  (20/8/2011)

Goldstein’s Classical Mechanics-page 16 ( 20/8/2011)

Wheeler’s Spacetime Physics-page 26(20/8/2011)-page 43 (26/8/2011)-page 61(27/8/2011)

Griffith’s Quantum Mechanics-page 64 (20/8/2011)

Ryder’s Quantum Field Theory-page 8 (20/8/2011)

Ryder’s Elementary Particles and Symmetries-page 26 (23/8/2011)

Griffith’s Introduction to Elementary Particles-page 22 (22/8/2011)-page 39 (25/8/2011)-page 66 (29/8/2011)

Taylor’s Spacetime Physics -COMPLETE (sort of cheated the end, but I’m reading more texts so I’ll give it to myself) (18/9/2011)

Resnick’s Introduction to Special Relativity-page 8 (10/9/2011)

French’s Special Relativity-page 4 (10/9/2011)-page 17(19/8/2011)-page 37 (20/9/2011)

Einstein’s Relativity, the Special and General Theory-Page 12(19/9/2011)-page 17(20/9/2011)

Problem Progression:

? I’ll update this later…for now, I’ll just post what I have.