Up early today…we’ll see if it helps anything. So far I’m mostly on schedule..

Relearned the word “sordid”

Completed exit counseling for my student loans @_@

Neutrinos: Morning is being spent on Python and software reinstallation.
Nucifer is a little weird…
“No information appears to be available regarding the origin of the name “Nucifer”. It is sometimes published in all-caps (“NUCIFER”), implying that it might be an acronym, but this usage is not consistent, not even among publications and presentations written by participants in the project.”¬†http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nucifer_experiment

It looks like a nuclear bomb WOULD be detectable in a neutrino detector seeing as their peak power is much greater than a reactor and those are detectable ~1000s of km.

Apparently it’s hard to get the correct chirality out of Kaluza-Klein models. The Trouble with Physics is pretty good.

ST: Making some slow slow progress.

Other: Got some progress on complex analysis~



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