A lot done in terms of both training and taking on more responsibilities.

Cool life update:
I’ve secured funds and permission [big difference] to attend the SLAC Summer Institute 2014 
I’ve secured permission [funds still being worked out!] to attend COSMO 2014.
I’ve secured funds for continuing my GSR until the October! So I won’t be TA-ing.
I am still figuring out if I’ll be staying at Los Alamos for the late summer…but I will definitely be back in LA for July 4th weekend [Probably the 3rd – 7th]. Decision to come in a couple weeks.
I’ve got a lot to do to make myself worth the things I’m intending to receive…but I am definitely looking forward to it.

Chemical Hazard Training tomorrow…that’s going to be fun.

Planning now…a decent proxy for real productivity, if you ask me. Though, I am legitimately waiting on software to install. I think I have defeated my error messages, though! Root is installed…I guess I can play with that after some more planning.

I’m going to add the two Phrakture stretching/mobility routines…but I think I’m going to need to print them or add them to fitocracy somehow.
When I come back to LA super blood-doped, I’m going to try and figure out a routine to take advantage of that…but it’ll be messy since I’m going and coming back to Los Alamos. This is very cool: http://examine.com/supplements/Creatine/
Trying to add mobility work for my hips… 
Apparently, today is a rest day on the silly ab challenge!

Starting and stopping sessions, histogramming.

Exercise – Weights are good for main lifts, programmed into spreadsheet…the ICF accessories are a bit finicky though.
Reading for June is planned 🙂
LANL Goals are pretty straightforward…
QCD Goals similar
ST Goals similar
Finance goals, messy…need to determine when I’ll start getting money flowing in and how much. I set aside a little in savings, but I’m going to need to move more over.
July is going to get touched, very slightly for goals…
Figured out some of my medical stuff!

Software still doesn’t work 😦


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