@_@ mostly a resting day in a lot of ways…definitely not leaving Los Alamos tomorrow. Will only spend money if someone other than the guys I was with today want to hang out, exception for groceries.

Lots to do tomorrow now 😦

Bench went fine, but was hard.
Squat went ehhh, but I did finish, barely. The back to back was not really okay, I guess that’s what happens when you take a 3/week plan and make it 3.5/week…
I need to figure out the correct weight for cable crunches / have them form checked. Hyperextensions suck a little bit, but I think I can move up 2.5 lbs.
Curls are ready to move to 30s, I think, but I’m tempted to do 25 at 12-10-8 first ><‘
Triceps will go 12-10-8 before moving up, for sure…I don’t know if they have 60s at the tiny gym…
Need to think about accessories in general using ICF
This website is great http://www.strengthstandards.co/

I ate a BUNCH but it was not terribly wasteful or anything 🙂 I maaaybe should’ve have the frap, but I thought I needed far before I ate the burgers ><‘

Got my library card and had a good time BBQ-ing food. Got out a handful of good books and CDs!


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