Training…was exhausting and I definitely was kind of lost on the way there.

Hassle over time documents 😦 I misread the times on the emails and totally screwed up getting things in on time (time zone differences + drowsiness = failure).

Today feels largely wasted, but I have tea and I did laundry and I got a major training out of the way. I also did some cardio for the first time in a long time…and it was terrible. Thanks, elevation! I think I can get some work done, still, tonight and sleep a crap ton. If I go in tomorrow in a bit late and then simply work through till the student dinner starts, I should be fine. 

LANL Mess:
GET done. I should have a computer when I get back…I now know where White Rock is and where the training building is.

Neutrinos: Note to self, adviser is possibly an insomniac. I guess this is sort of a thing in physics. I refuse to get less than, like, 5 hours of sleep while I’m still this weak, though.

~30 minutes of cycling in. Comparing to the last time I cycled, it looks pretty bad. Elevation is a big factor, but also a general lack of cardio in my life. We’ll see if I can beat effort needed down…I’d like to start running, but I’m worried about my lifting/climbing schedule. 

This is a bit sketch today since I ate a massive open face burger with fries that was probably a bit heavier than the ~1000 calories I estimated. I’m probably reasonably close to my goals, though.

Planning June’s visit @_@
This will be cool http://www.santafeopera.org/tickets/ 



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