Slow start to the day…but progress has been made!

Rental car? Acquired.

Cryptocard? Received and registered~ 

LANL Mess:
Training is all scheduled. Requested after hours access. Computer should be ready by tomorrow afternoon. Will check on printing then.
Related note, need to get into time-document habits and start filling them out daily or all at once.

Neutrino Work:
Going to start with notes, then bother people, then work on the presentation.
Notes going alright, into the second presentation with some questions from the first. Bothered a couple people already and will bother a couple more, I got a LOT of information very quickly and I need to clean some of it up / re-write sections.
Presentation will wait till I get home, but it looks like it will come together decently at this point.

ST Work:

HEP Work:

Any time after 5pm, have my core exercises noted but need accessories still.
Stealing from ICF – BP day? Barbell Shrugs, Tricep Ext, Curls, Cable crunch, Hyper extensions. OHP day? Curls and Cable Crunches.
Also adding in the silly ab thing…need to do still. Skipped shrugs and climbed and I feel terrible.
Investigate: http://nnmsalsa.synthasite.com/abq.php and http://www.cspdancestudios.com/

I need more food than what I bought…even cutting I’m simply not eating enough. I need something more protein dense, too.

Apothem is a TIL word.


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