Today has been a bit of a long day and it’s not stopping yet (~1 am). 

HEP Work:
Made progress and emailed adviser about SSI 2014 attendance and a general update. Details in the research document, but this was a moderately productive weekend.

ST Work:
Sadly, need addressing still (~1 am). If I get enough work done, I think my goal for the summer is a presentation at COSMO 2014.

Neutrino Work:
Emailed adviser with an update. Working on a presentation for the status of the prototype of the experiment and then working on software issues. 

Traded the planned cardio for first time sport climbing!!! 
I climbed a baby 5.6 in a stupid long amount of time, then went up ~3-4 times faster the next time.
First time lead belaying, first time top-rope belaying.
I think the place was area 34? It was near the caldera.
Signed up for a totally stupid ab plan, should have some lifting to do tomorrow (weights in the spread sheet) and then hopefully some climbing (the wall is open weird hours, though)… then the ab stuff.

Under-protein for the day…but I think I might my other nutritional goals ><? I guess I can just eat some yogurt :S Had too many silly things T_T
Will try to use the spreadsheet more this week…

Social things:
Started on some photo uploads! Will do another chunk tomorrow if I have the energy x.x

Life looks good in the next few months 🙂 I have emailed some people I’d like to bother, but the list of people to bother seems to be ever expanding. I think I might make a Google doc of physics people and their contact information…the current list is handwritten and getting silly, fast.
Need to plan out tomorrow a little..later in the week is fine.
Need to plan out research goals and career goals sometime this week :((( this is sooooo hard.
Emailed Murphy hall people about fellowships.
http://science.energy.gov/hep/funding-opportunities/graduate-fellows-in-high-energy-theory/ This makes me kind of sad </3
Transitioning emails / merging them needs to happen this week.


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