Time progresses too quickly.

OpenSSL’s Heartbleed is having me change my passwords for the first time in a long time @_@

My laptop is back and fixed and I can’t wait :3

HEP: Fixed figures and organized.

ST: ~ 2 hours on reading and organizing. I’m trying to figure out where all of my simulation data is and organize it a little better. 

Exercise / Wellness: Trying some ridiculous detox tea. We’ll see how this goes. I ate a crazy amount of beef stew. Ran to Kroger and back, bought some bread to make an AMERICAN breakfast.

Random: Further vs. Farther is something I should have known concretely but didn’t until now…ouch.
This is going to be accurate http://4-panel-life.tumblr.com/post/45600325863/you-know-me 
Need to mail off my headphones and mail off the stuff for reimbursement. 
Need to clean and do some financial planning, probably.


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