This could be incredibly helpful… http://scipp.ucsc.edu/~profumo/teaching/phys217_09/ annnd http://scipp.ucsc.edu/~profumo/teaching/phys217_10/syllabus.pdf and http://scipp.ucsc.edu/~profumo/teaching/phys217_10/phys217.htm aaaannnnd this http://scipp.ucsc.edu/~dine/ph217/Homework_217.html Also, note to self: http://physics.weber.edu/schroeder/qftbook.html T_T it’s amazing. The only reason that Caltech isn’t as impressive as a grad school is that the awesome undergrads they curate have to go someplace else afterwards. If they could have a separate grad school for all of them to go to, that’d be amazing. Also…how do the ones I know function on no sleep??? ST: kerr isn’t connecting…I need to see my param files 😦 30 minutes sunk and a run started on Cygnus 30 more minutes in T_T so little done Uhhh Mark Wise threw money at me? What: http://www.google.com/sky/ RAN INTO MY FAV PERSON FROM WALTON~ On the agenda for Thursday http://www.yelp.com/biz/diddy-riese-cookies-los-angeles Making a goal of finishing the FeynArts implementation tonight or finding a definitive reason why I can’t.


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