Exercise: Warm up [read: jumping jacks, light push ups, etc], 2 minute break? [read: uhhh walk around? this I do not understand DPM…]
Towel Pull ups, fast up and slow down – 6
Slam ball – 6 [need to figure out weight]
Squat, curl, press – 10 [need to figure out weight]
Side plank w/leg ext – 30 s?
Renegade Row [push up with weights that you lift, 5lbs?] – 8
med ball push up [clapping push up that claps onto medicine ball] – 8
kettlebell swings – 30 [squat while swinging a weight, basically] – 30
bridge leg lift – 1 min per leg [arms to side, lift body at angle, one leg fully extended]

Food: PANCAKES OMG. Lots of coffee. Chicken. Panera?

UHE: Skipping!


Music: Telescope is alright, it’s pretty laidback. Take it or leave it is okay. Halo is starting like something I know.
Chon’s 2nd EP…good so far! Super Potion was nice, Knot is good ish, Ecco is chill but a bit off?, Sketch is nice! Dust is really nice :d ….Fluorescent Adolescent, what?

Random: http://www.upenn.edu/pennnews/news/liquid-crystal-turns-water-droplets-gemstones-penn-materials-research-shows


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