CHECK YESTERDAY’S POST Woke up way later than intending, today is starting at noon. Good breakfast etc, but damn… 12:15pm-1pm -> Tan work, intro drafting. 1pm-3:30pm -> ST work…mess 3:30-4 -> Tan work 4-4:30-> Tan work but slow + coffee break 4:30-5 -> Tan work. Working on trying to make progress towards calculating something ;-; 5-6 -> UHE work…some serious progress in collecting a stupid quantity of sources :3 6-6:30-> WebDev + Bleed-over UHE work 6:30-8-> Palantirrrrr + Dinner  + back to webdev? Tan work simultaneously [~30 minutes?] 8-12 -> dance 12-2:30 getting home and eating a bigger dinner…ughhhhhhhh UCA: Almost have a good idea of what I’m doing for the introduction. . .I really need to do some physics tonight. I need to narrow down exactly how I plan to calculate things.  “The procedure is now standard”, apparently…see those references!!! Working through things, slowly… HEP: UHE: New ADSABS search tool is bananas. Example query: here I REALLY need to start going through the Moriond lectures to build an intuition for the physics case of UHE observations. Going to start looking at a realistic length for this paper. ST: MESS. Made some progress with figuring out what is breaking but it all basically comes down to needing to ask someone who knows what they’re doing way better than I do. I wish I could have written the code myself so that there was clear blame when it didn’t work. This is outrageous.  3.5 hours sunk total time as of ~3:48 Random: This looks SUPER cool http://pra.aps.org/abstract/PRA/v39/i12/p6524_1 See yesterday’s random later and look at cosmic coffee papers? Maybe? Probably no time. Cool Tan article: http://physics.aps.org/articles/v2/9 Something to look at another day: http://labs.adsabs.harvard.edu/adsabs/abs/2013JPhCS.442a2015S/ Taiwan internship and DPF funding last minute stuff needs to get done. “Feeling the Texture of Vacuum” sexiest paper title, ever. Node executes asynchronously…so “1, wait(2), 3” executes as 1,3,2. Question…what about when there are multiple edits to a thing? Like, what ? Node interpreter in node ~ Idle for Python. Useful for testing properties of functions NPM is da best? npm help, npm install, npm ls, npm update. Global is to stay safe with people changing APIs… ~3.4.8 stops before 3.5 npm handles package chains. Express + Node


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