ST: Fixing ygraph / finding out how things fail/ second hour during colloquium, cool knots! Kelvin and vortex knots :3 DOLPHINS…energy from inductive analogy. Running GDB on a single core to see what breaks, will fix ygraph later this evening. Looking at papers in my ST collection: critical phenomena in collapse is an interesting topic, look into more later.

HEP: Two hours into rewriting the notes document. Lots of progress but I lost some time to dinner and sloppiness.

Tan: http://www.int.washington.edu/talks/WorkShops/int_10_46W/People/Hutson_J/Hutson.pdf Cool but not useful for me. EFT approach I found takes the dimer-atom range as an input parameter, which is slightly problematic. Covered N-bosons in one dimension in class, mentioned N-bosons in 2D at the end.

UHE: http://moriond.in2p3.fr/J13/program.php This program is SO sexy ;-; ‘Will azume’ heh, cute calculation for x-rays and suitcases. Adding a half-hour more to sort through the program for Moriond. Got everything downloaded and almost all organized. Organized the rest of the week, though. Need to figure out going to Moriond next year, for sure.

Random: I need to play LoZ: Windwaker again. Also, all Bachata is the same song. Need to work on Integration Bee stuff.  Cool Like Carl notes need to be produced, too. Frozen dinner was okay ish


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