Einstein-Cartan Gravity: This looks real cool! It seems to solve a few problems, though the wiki page seems a little biased, perhaps? It combines classical spin with GR through affine torsion. In doing so it makes finite extent fermions and produces the correct intrinsic-orbital coupling. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein%E2%80%93Cartan_theory
aper here: http://arxiv.org/abs/1301.1588

Gravitomagnetic charge: From wiki, it looks like it’s just mass density…which is unexciting. Gravitomagnetism is cute though! Important “While Maxwell’s equations are invariant under Lorentz transformations, the GEM equations were not” also crazy “The analogy and equations differing only by some small factors were first published in 1893, before general relativity, by Oliver Heaviside as a separate theory expanding Newton’s law.[1]” Wiki
Relevant paper here: Acceleration of particles by black hole with gravitomagnetic charge immersed in magnetic field. It is worth noting from the abstract:
“The presence of the external magnetic field decreases the innermost stable circular orbits (ISCO) radii of charged particles.”

Stückelberg Portal:
The Stückelberg mechanism allows for U(1) symmetries to eat Axion-Like-Particles (ALPs) that arise in extensions of the SM. If you have couplings between Abelian fields and associated ALPs you need cancellations to occur or else there are anomalies in the low energy theory. There are several theories of DM that involve a totally different sector of particle physics and these particles would likely have U(1) connections. This is something I should look into more since it reminds me of the little I know about Kinetic Mixing. More: here and another similarly named paper.

Woods-Saxon interaction:
Pertaining to the Woods-Saxon potential, a radial potential of a slightly ugly form relevant in shell models of nuclear physics.
Bethe-Salpeter Equation:
Bound state equation for two-body particles, relativistically covariant….Nambu found it first, fun fact. Relevant to calculation things like positronium properties, excitons, quark-antiquark bound-states. Large mass difference? Treat light particle as a Dirac particle in the potential of the heavy particle. Derived with the poles of the S-matrix and related to the Green’s function and scattering processes.

Next is “A simplified differential equations approach for Master Integrals.”

Snowmass Papers I need to read:
Chapter 1, Chapter 6, Chapter 3,

Chromomagnetic Vortex:
This is going to be a mess. In some “popular” models the QCD vacuum is composed of entangled ‘chromomagnetic vortices’ which divide the vacuum into domain-like structures [wording stolen from paper sourced below]. The domains are so named because all vortices in a domain are oriented in space and in color, like how magnetic domains are or ordered by spin. Large scale randomization allows for Lorentz and color symmetries to be recovered in the IR regime [how?]. It’s called a ‘spaghetti vacuum’ for unclear reasons…there’s nothing stringy about these domains from the intro…Confinement comes from the infinite free energy of an isolated quark, this energy comes from the random phase variation across domains and the averaging over this phase.
The intro to the relevant paper is awesome and I’ll definitely read the rest to get to the spaghetti part later 🙂 Paper’s called: Fermion zero modes in a chromomagnetic vortex lattice 8 pages of awesome from what I can see…I’ll get around to Zero Mode Fermions later.

ST: 1 hour in, I think I’ll break for a little then continue for another hour. The progress made is almost all computational and I should really work on something more interesting for a bit.
X11 is mostly conquered for Cygwin using:
I’ve also reached some conclusions about languages. I’m going to start Scheme then move into Clojure after I get into SICP some.
While I won’t be trying it any time soon, OCaml looks cool:
Also interesting:

CalcHEP is *definitely* broken on this machine…I’ll need to do something about that later. Luckily the X11 support makes it visible when it breaks?
Organizing papers/reference material. References for original paper all together…I’ll look for a few more now!
I need to look at this… http://arxiv.org/find/all/1/all:+CalcHEP/0/1/0/all/0/1
I want to go to CKM 2014…
Photran now installed via Eclipse

Grad School Apps: I fucked up bad. Real bad.


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