UGHHHasfjkahsdf 1.5 hours sunk…another .5 up trying to tie up some mess. UGH all that work and now mathematica mess.
A couple weeks back I put git on my list of things to learn more seriously…I’m beginning to regret not having done that sooner. Long story short Kranc wasn’t working and I had to fix some files by hand -.-‘
UGHH akjjhfjawf I reduced precision and now suddenly the code works ;-; What the actual ffffff alkjfhlksfhlsf 3 hours in today and I guess I got a thing or two productive done 😐 meh

CF calculations are not working out well…I have worked out quite a bit, though. I think I’ll put about ~1 hr more into it later tonight to get up to about 4 hours. I think I may have found the problem but I need a working copy of X11 with Cygwin or another machine in order to check -.-‘ …not fun, not fun at all.


Human After All is a decent album…too lazy/unknowledgable to critically expand on this. Read some, that was nice too.

This is only going to be a list of the titles I read and found of interest from the past month or so. Tomorrow I’ll start cutting by abstract. After that introductions / conclusions. Hopefully I’ll get down to the interesting stuff by Friday afternoon. The image below is, clearly, just Hep-Ph. I’m also combing through Gr-Qc as well.

Progressing through the new year...I'm a bit behind.

Progressing through the new year…I’m a bit behind.


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