Day starts at ~11 -.- oops. Free food is good, though!

Plan for progress first. First thing is to finish reading the paper’s Laguna sent me today. Next, evaluate some recent runs. Draft new potentials. I need to know [from thin wall approx] how much energy to pump into the bubble. Once I get some things running, computational stuff. Arxiv should be checked at some point and I should review the papers in my queue.
Mendeley+Dropbox is on my agenda, ReadCube will be up next if Mendeley is bad. Invite 4 dropbox to get up to ~5 gigs

Nothing has really changed in the highest energy neutrino research…woo?
Organizing documents to better determine where to spend time and solve problems for later.

Of note:

Also, this is cute: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_field_theory


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