From Yesterday:

~45 minutes of Chinese writing / reading practice fun phrase of the day?



side note:



look so good 😦

Quantum was fun today

Looked at Taiwan internship some more and ate breakfast…11-12 not totally wasted.

12-1:30 was fun times with Tan. I might want to Google some stuff, and I still need to go over Wednesday and Friday’s notes. Also, apparently I need to memorize the “effective scattering expansion”

1:30-2 got some ST work done, wooooooo.

2-3: HE-Astro was good, but something was questionable…

coffee and stuff

4-4:30 ST

4:30-5 ST and organizing.

‘more /nv/ap2/TM_upgrade.faq’

…need to see what the upgraded PACE scheduler does. I want to use interactive mode >=OOO

it from bit & David Deutsch on to-look-at list.

5-7 driving mostly 😦 a little bit of time on dinner ;-;

7-8 ST

…Well this is embarrassing, screen is way more useful than I thought…


C-a c to make a new window and C-a to change windows, C-a N gives you the n-th screen C-a n gives you the next one up.

C-a ” gives a full list

Fun note: “you can split the screen and look at more than one at a time, but that’s an advanced topic beyond the scope of this tutorial.”

Found a document on running a large number of jobs…this is good.

Characterizing the time for a run is the next goal…that and getting a good submit script for running through the parameter space.

8-8:30 more ST stuff…this is ridiculous. I’m close. I’m so so so close.


Things to do by priority:

1. New potential in and working

2. Check localrun on cygnus

3. Figure out what’s wrong with submit script [possibly done~ 10:33]

4. Figure out relevant parameter space.

5. Submit large batch to cover said parameter space [http://pace.gatech.edu/how-run-lots-jobs-pace-managed-clusters ]

6. ssh keys [should be higher on list, but not sure where…whenever a break]

7. Arxiv for ST stuff and read the big paper laguna sent

8. Draft notes into LaTeX once stuff is running for real!

9. Look into ffmpeg as ygraph alternative?

Back to ST again…

fun note: Sh ~ Bourne Shell [original]

Bash ~Bourne Again Shell [standard]

Csh ~ C (Sea) shell [C copy]

Tcsh ~ Turbo C Shell [C shell +]

Ksh ~ Korn shell [Bourne shell + not for beginners]

Look into Ksh and more advanced piping. Also, find and grep…

…and less…and I/O redirection standards..

head and tail commands are cute, head -n is the top n lines etc.

HOLYSHIT sdiff is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

2MB from 30 minutes on PACE with 72 cores…

60MB from a day plus some on Kerr with 16 cores…144 cores would be nice. I have a feeling initial data took very, very little time. Testing that now.

Another hour to the total.

150 sec for the wallclock time for 32 cores…allotted 10 mins used way less and ran immediately.

~/submit6 -o -q cygnusforce-6 /nv/hp11/emartin40/Cactus-ST/exe/cactus_buildir Ve001InitialOnly.par 32 10:00

In terms of introductory linux usage materially, this is surprisingly solid:


cool gnuplot thing:

set term dumb http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~vrable/gnuplot/using-gnuplot.html

I give up for the night on ST.



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