I need to finish Michael Bender’s course on series.

Need to find the other books for Tamara’s class.

Add Carroll and Ostlie to my to-do list…

Planning on 5 hrs HEP

Planning on 3 hrs ST

Planning on 1 hr Chinese read/writing practice



Simplifying traces of things bleh. I am going to just assume that my logs are all real -.-‘

UGH I think the stupid freaking color factors are wrong.

The born cross section is SO close to the tr[HS]…but it’s not :(((((

Same functional form but different coefficients. UGHHHHHHHHHHH

ST: progress ish but I got off schedule by getting stuck on something

Half of an hour of study + half an hour of drama is close enough for me. Picked a song to learn the lyrics to for the week, as well.




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