12/30/13 (New Year’s Pregame)

30 mins ST

30 mins organizing and grad

10 mins hackerrank

90 mins of HEP

bleh more time added up to 1.5 hours on ST

more time added up to 45 mins more on HEP


punk rock
helps both ways – laid back but the talking may be distracting?
chocky is okay after a few mins?
30 minutes on organizing stuff

Beneath The Black Flag – alright
The call – alright
Miracle of Sound is eh,

Take me to church is pretty good
Angel of death and codeine scene :3

the woods is not bad
vindictive starts well
made in… creepy good
deathulude only good after the weird vocal bit -.-
KSS0 2 is good

Alive is alright
comes and goes uses Listztomania and ehhh
Home at Night is passable

Clarity whatever is good.

nonstop pop is sad because it’s so close to being good 😦

we are coming undone is fan-freaking-tastic


swimming was alright

Youth is decent

wall of time seems too dramatic

Modified from google drive
Do not have a laptop with a working screen at the moment. 

**Re-evaluating backup document

**Tracked down new files, will try to only modify google docs and one Mathematica doc [to be kept on desktop]. Will send of RedMachine tomorrow to get repaired if shipping necessary. If not shipping will drop off as soon as possible. Checking how it will go down now. Checked and emailed a local service provider. Will email another later.
**Will check old laptop later tonight.

**email tonight update – ask about meeting next week?

Finish the by hand calculations wherever possible.
**Checking on what hand calculations are necessary? ~8:15pm

Code into Mathematica the stuff I need sim with above
Coded in the algebra that needs to be there, ish
Read over code and get shit implemented as best as possible.

Run code with JUST the formula at the end changed and see how it goes!!!
** As soon as change laptop
add notes about the hard process calculations to the document.
** Next on agenda (6pm)
**checking the Mathematica notebook with hand notes. Since S is the same for this process and the one that is already done in Phys Rev D 63 054019, we can use the fact that S is diagnoal in this basis to ignore everything in H except the diagonal for checking the Born cross section…but we need all of H for the later stuff 😐
** looks like everything is producted with the soft matrix which is beautifully diagonal :3 The only issue is the Gamma^(2) matrix…but since that’s second order corrections and we didn’t calculate them…they’re zero!
**Fuck it’s not that simple probably, for Gc.

[Based on document notes]
Find and run another feynman rule solver.
**Not doing since CalcHEP can be checked against itself, need to do that though.

Check the numerical integration of the cross section…
Fix the fact that the Born Cross Section in the document skips a bit
**Up next see above
Fix the goddamn diagrams in the correction section -.-

About an hour or two needs to be spent on typeset setting those master formulae….that is just a freaking mess.
**Spent a good deal of time on Mathematica-ing the shit. Need to get it in Fortran, too -,-

Clean somewhere for comparison with the gutg case, just in case.

**Added near the end of the document for the gutg comparison with the source code, needs to be organized still though 😦

Last goal:
Finish checking over the code….

End notes, Mathematica is still the first priority.

The ST research notes are in their proper google drive document.


Gah I give up. Sleep.


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