Current goal: 

  1. Wed ~ 8 hours worth of working time

    1. 30 Minutes of ST work

    2. Zangwill HW / Study – 4 hours

    3. Grad school applications 1 hour

    4. 30 minutes of HEP

    5. 3 hours QFT

    6. Submit jobs to print anything I want for Thursday haha

ughhhhhhhh 1 hour sunk into EM and no real progress. Fuck everything

Another half hour of nope 😐

another half….jesus I’m bad at things ;-;

2/4 of my EM hours done though ;-;

Half an hour of Field Theory Review…focused on path integral stuff//

Another half an hour of QFT, feels pretty good though I wish I’d gotten more into the Kadanoff document… 

Another half hour! 1/2 done, woo

30 minutes into ST mess…ugh that’s crap. 

Moving HEP to last priority 


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