Woke up drove in 8-9 ish.

9-10 finished EM

10-12 studied field theory

12-2 Field theory exam

2-3 met grad students from NCSU

3-3:30 waste / checking on things

3:30-4 Fulbright

4-5 travel 

5-6 Club Math and looking at QM hw (15 minutes)

6-6:15-6:25 QM – travel

6:25 – 6:55 Class Mech HW writing into Latex.

6:55-7:20 lost + some food

+ 30 minutes on Fulbright 

lost time on planning Chicago trip…whoops!

9:30-10 Fulbright.

10-10:30 Daily Show + Class Mech 

10:30-11:30 Check work on HEP research…found an error! Better now than later. Soft anomalous dimension is calculated in full and (I think) fully simplified….unfortunately I lost my list of objectives! Whoops…tomorrow I’ll be checking the leading order that I got last time I did serious work. 

11:30-12 Fulbright finishing @.@ whew. -.- I left out the state on the address form welp that was fun.

2-3:30 ST research;

ScalColl took 1619m on Kerr in total
Running Ve006 now [but with 14 cores instead]
Kerr is good to go except for keyboard shortcuts :S

Diff the files on kerr and on feynman!

Plotted Jim’s potential vs. my own, it’s far more dynamic over the very short range around the edge of the bubble…but I assumed he’s using the same step profile…check that now.

eta = -2 phi0 is still good.

…now to look at Jim’s potential vs energy stored in the gradient of the wall.

His potential completely overwhelms his gradient…which is good. But it’s many orders of magnitude above the absolute numbers I was getting. I suppose his code actually scales though?

Want to start a batch TOMORROW that goes over a nice range of epsilon.

3:45-4:15 QM HW and Daily Show.


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