Woke up… early in the morning [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Uc3ZrmhDN4] …

Showered, ran, ate ~ 9:15

9:15-9:30 planning

9:30-11 E&M

11-12 QFT HW finishing

12-1:30 QFT

1:30-2 Eating / killed time.

2:00-3:00 Class Mech Hw

3-3:15 killed

3:15-4 Class Mech HW [half done?]

4-4:20 lost?????

4:20-4:50 Class Mech HW [bit more than half done]

+15 on Class Mech

+30 on Research, sorta

+30 min EM

+30 min EM

+15 Class Mech

+1.5 hrs dance 😀

~11 pm.

1:30, basically done with Class Mech…made some progress into EM. Have Problems: 1 & 3 “done” half of problem 2 and half of problem 4…nothing on problem 5. If I can get 1-4 done before sleeping that’d be great.

Break from EM onto research…



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