9/25/2013 [Pressure]

9/25/2013 [Pressure]

So I’ve got an exam Saturday that I’m totally not ready for!

Here’s what I did today so far (~10:45):

~1 hour travel

.5 hr EM

.5 hr Waves

.25 revise

~1/6 on lunch 1

1/3 on optics

.5 on thermo

.5 on class mech [it hurt surprisingly badly…]

1/3 on more class mech

1/6 on review

3pm-4pm Astrophy and lunch 2

~7/6 PGRE 2008

~1/6 on reviewing answers

1 reviewing all current progress and collecting failures / studying them.

Exercise 8-9:30 [too much walking]

3/4 on PGRE 2001

3/4 on PGRE 2001

~0.5 on Dinner 

~1/6 on organizing thoughts for where I currently am and making sure I’m productive XD

~~ 7.1 hours of productive time…I’m not sure where I lost some ;-;

Additional hour to add in there, plus a bit more to bring me to

8.25 hours or productive (PGRE) time….not horrible, but tomorrow needs to be a lot better.

The exercise really cut into things, as did travel, cosmic coffee and I woke up too late…

Tomorrow will be better.


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