9-10 Quantum

10-11 can’t remember :S?

11-12 Class Mech

12-1 Food and 30 minutes of EM

1-2 Quantum HW

2-3 TL-ing

3-4:15 colloquium

Wasted an hour and a quarter ish after the colloquium 😦

5:30-6:30 running

6:30-7 Zangwill

7:00-7:30 Dinner

7:30-8:30 Zangwill

8:30-11 Free second dinner + exercise.

11-12: Research

electron capture experiment
uses metallic magnetic calorimetry?
The deposition of energy changes the magnetic properties, SQUIDs pick this up. Cal is below 100mK
xray from absorption is detected by theromometer strongly coupled to absorber, weakly couple this to a thermal bath.
Magnetic Calorimeter’s appear relatively new?

Work done at BaBar
Collins assymetries?
Collins FF are spin depedent FF that are Chiral-odd functions
FF is a fragmentation function, probability that a parton fragments into a hadron carrying away a fraction of parton’s momentum.
Spin-depdendent FFs can give fundamental tests soft scale QCD
Tests schemes of universality and factorization!
Connected to transversity parton distribution functions?

ATLAS & CMS review of top quark phy at LHC
Definitely should look at and ask questions///


What? Look at later.

Hadron gas?

Orbifold models?

Colloquium notes:
dwarf spheroidal, 7 solar masses
Low Surf Bright, 10^10 solar mass
Galaxies 10^15 solar mass
LSB low metallicity, low SFR,

IFU removes uncertainty on slit placement and on gas turbulence, get a complete 2D picture.
integral field spectroscopy

IFU agreed with slits, cored halos still work better

Only for low surface brightness…not representative of a regular galaxy?

what time scale are LSBs dead?

Is it possible that we only see fringe LSBs because anywhere else they’d be too faint?

Zangy notes:
Page 73, Gauss law depends on 1/r^2 dependence
Page 74, potential from rho and phi integral
Cool: placing a charge into an electrostatic configuration means placing it in an otherwise free space,
the potential at that point cannot be a max or min so it cannot be constrained there in stable way.
Quantum mechanics is necessary to provide stability.

delta pho2 = rho2 (r-delta r) – rho2
delta VE = – int phi grad rho ds

the potential energy from q1 in E2 is the same as that of q2 in E1. Nice.
Green’s reciprocity relation
…skipping for now, read subtlties tonight


Thomson thing??

I don’t like equation 3.84

3.7 Stress tensor;

no real notes, but the problem with the surface could use a review.

Reviewing then moving onto chapter 4?

Ch 4:

Dipole moment is not uniquely defined for a system with a net charge.


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