9/18/2013 [This is going to suck]

Minor update financially: I’m totally broke! Negative money in accounts level of broke-ness, woo! We’ll see where that takes me…so far not crying on the inside too much, but definitely complaining too much in public. Oh well, onto the work.


10:30 the day begins.

11:00 some progress on Class Mech. Not fast enough.

12:45 more progress on Class Mech, daily logistics are getting in my way though. Time to leave for research meeting :S

3:30 meeting accomplished, I should have money owed to me soon. Next meeting scheduled concretely, which is good. Homework was not quite finished for Class Mech. I really needed the hours I overslept…oh well. Planning while waiting for ride home.

6:00 arrived at Tech…

7:45 Back to work…lost a lot of time to dinner 😐

~2:20am basically done with E&M and onto other things. Going to give myself some time to log fitness [lack thereof] and health things.

~3:20am Not strictly useful, but I managed to type up the problems for the next quantum hw [due Monday] and it looks reasonable. Fitness / health trackers are all sync’d and good to go. Going to get up, stretch, water, then get onto doing some research :3

~4:20am I got some serious organizational progress on FCNC stuff and I have begun to make progress with the kinematics I have been ignoring. . .but my energy is not workin’ out…I’ll have to examine this stuff in detail after I’ve slept some more and can think through it more clearly. If I can make a habit of getting a minimum of an hour a day on this in, I’ll be in better shape for pace and finances @.@

[At 9:30 I’ll transition to the next day’s post.]

6:00am Basically done with EM…need to clean up one last thing. Gym opens soon…I should go run and shower and stuff, then come back and finish the work. I’m starting my dietary / fitness log now though.  Goal for when I get back: Finish EM, read EM book, Bubble research, food.

~7:30am back from exercise, onto quick food then finish EM / read EM fo sho. I kind of want to try and spend some time going over PGRE stuff…but I don’t know how effective that’d be. Definitely not drinking caffeine until after I get a nap.

~8:30 good fifteen minutes of bubbles and the rest was food, EM finishing or sitting around.

Got some reading done but sort of dozed some…homework was turned in successfully though.


Round 2? Yep.


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