9/25/2013 [Pressure]

9/25/2013 [Pressure]

So I’ve got an exam Saturday that I’m totally not ready for!

Here’s what I did today so far (~10:45):

~1 hour travel

.5 hr EM

.5 hr Waves

.25 revise

~1/6 on lunch 1

1/3 on optics

.5 on thermo

.5 on class mech [it hurt surprisingly badly…]

1/3 on more class mech

1/6 on review

3pm-4pm Astrophy and lunch 2

~7/6 PGRE 2008

~1/6 on reviewing answers

1 reviewing all current progress and collecting failures / studying them.

Exercise 8-9:30 [too much walking]

3/4 on PGRE 2001

3/4 on PGRE 2001

~0.5 on Dinner 

~1/6 on organizing thoughts for where I currently am and making sure I’m productive XD

~~ 7.1 hours of productive time…I’m not sure where I lost some ;-;

Additional hour to add in there, plus a bit more to bring me to

8.25 hours or productive (PGRE) time….not horrible, but tomorrow needs to be a lot better.

The exercise really cut into things, as did travel, cosmic coffee and I woke up too late…

Tomorrow will be better.



8-8:30 exercise

8:30-9 food

9-9:30 panic / food

9:30-11 EM test 1

11-12 frantic QFT hw

12-1:30 travel

1:30-4 research

4-5 wasted

5-6:30 dinner and socialize

6:30-7 travel

7-8pm 30 min quantum, 30 min class mech

8-8:30 lost? social?

8:30-9 shower

9-10:30 lost? partially asleep..

10:30-11:30 planning

11:30-12 ST research



rapidly rotating supermassive stars


We’ll see.


CMG to QG is a big leap…will look over.


taken for words I don’t know.


looks really, really good from the abstract…will read.


This will be REALLY cool if it survives peer review. I like wrecking entire classes of theories 😛


relevant to Cosmic Coffee?


Because what the heck is a super hubble wave???


homotopy? might be good to look over, see what math I don’t follow.


sort of a theory dampener? Or so it seems from the abstract. Will skim.


unknown words.



9-10 Quantum

10-11 can’t remember :S?

11-12 Class Mech

12-1 Food and 30 minutes of EM

1-2 Quantum HW

2-3 TL-ing

3-4:15 colloquium

Wasted an hour and a quarter ish after the colloquium 😦

5:30-6:30 running

6:30-7 Zangwill

7:00-7:30 Dinner

7:30-8:30 Zangwill

8:30-11 Free second dinner + exercise.

11-12: Research

electron capture experiment
uses metallic magnetic calorimetry?
The deposition of energy changes the magnetic properties, SQUIDs pick this up. Cal is below 100mK
xray from absorption is detected by theromometer strongly coupled to absorber, weakly couple this to a thermal bath.
Magnetic Calorimeter’s appear relatively new?

Work done at BaBar
Collins assymetries?
Collins FF are spin depedent FF that are Chiral-odd functions
FF is a fragmentation function, probability that a parton fragments into a hadron carrying away a fraction of parton’s momentum.
Spin-depdendent FFs can give fundamental tests soft scale QCD
Tests schemes of universality and factorization!
Connected to transversity parton distribution functions?

ATLAS & CMS review of top quark phy at LHC
Definitely should look at and ask questions///


What? Look at later.

Hadron gas?

Orbifold models?

Colloquium notes:
dwarf spheroidal, 7 solar masses
Low Surf Bright, 10^10 solar mass
Galaxies 10^15 solar mass
LSB low metallicity, low SFR,

IFU removes uncertainty on slit placement and on gas turbulence, get a complete 2D picture.
integral field spectroscopy

IFU agreed with slits, cored halos still work better

Only for low surface brightness…not representative of a regular galaxy?

what time scale are LSBs dead?

Is it possible that we only see fringe LSBs because anywhere else they’d be too faint?

Zangy notes:
Page 73, Gauss law depends on 1/r^2 dependence
Page 74, potential from rho and phi integral
Cool: placing a charge into an electrostatic configuration means placing it in an otherwise free space,
the potential at that point cannot be a max or min so it cannot be constrained there in stable way.
Quantum mechanics is necessary to provide stability.

delta pho2 = rho2 (r-delta r) – rho2
delta VE = – int phi grad rho ds

the potential energy from q1 in E2 is the same as that of q2 in E1. Nice.
Green’s reciprocity relation
…skipping for now, read subtlties tonight


Thomson thing??

I don’t like equation 3.84

3.7 Stress tensor;

no real notes, but the problem with the surface could use a review.

Reviewing then moving onto chapter 4?

Ch 4:

Dipole moment is not uniquely defined for a system with a net charge.


I wasted so, so much of this day…but I got a little better at dancing 😉

1. Kennedy HW
2. Kidonakis
3. Andy reading
5. Laguna stuff
40m on 1.
1.5h on 2.
30m on 3.
20m in 1. (progress!)
30m on 3. 

as of ~1:30

As of ~2:00

30m on 5.

I guess I’ll see how that work pans out quite a bit more tomorrow. Lots and lots to be done there. 

Notes on Andy’s stuff:

rho known everywhere? Just integrate or sum.
rho not-known? Then matter must be present and hence polarization…the problem becomes a boundary value problem.
Boundary value problems are not going to be relevant on the test, probably.

Charge cannot exert a force on itself.

Learn matching conditions?

Kind of cool: DNA can be approximated by a 1D line of charge

Poisson’s eq can be used if rho is specified for every point…but it HAS to be used for matter…I guess I’ll see when I hit Ch. 7?

In electrostatics work is path independent.
W = Int[q1,q2, qE(r)dl]

Coulomb conservative due to central nature of the force…cool.

Potentials are continuous at charged surfaces.

Earnshaw’s theorem’s proof is trivial at the level of rigor we consider.

The line integral between any two points on an equipotential surface is zero
…if E is nonzero, then E must be perpendicular to dl at all points on the surface.

Two electric field lines can only cross at a null point.

I don’t like example 3.3 …form a more concrete opinion when more awake

To use Gauss’ law effectively we need a surface where dS * E is constant.
Invariance of a charge distribution under rotations implies the same for E…how much does this generalize?
The invariance of rho tells us an invariance of E, but E is unique under the Hemholtz theorem
…Note that the infinite charge distributions uniqueness can be established in a limiting process.

sigma are invariant to translations along a fixed direction…not so sure.
super impose line charges waited by charge per length for other shapes?
Ugh…this is not clear at all.

stopped at 3.4.2



9/19/2013 [Day Two of Pain]

9:30 ~ 11:00 am Mostly awake for Andy’s class…deriving the conditions for a conductor from variational principles is something I’ll have to remember.

11 am-12 pm Brief nap, some lunch-like food, graded QFT hw.

12:30-1:30 pm …Half napped through QFT. It’s a weird mixture of boredom from the slow-pace and slight confusion at times…it’s just the right type of thing to fall asleep to 😐 Nap tiiiiiiime

1:30-3:30 NAP TIME, WOOO. Took me a half an hour to recover and think straight after the 1.5 hour nap.

~4:30 About 45 minutes done on PGRE…going to get another 15 in before 5, I think.

~6 Club math ended

~7:30 left Tech after eating

~8:30 arrived friend’s

~9:30 did some quantum, working on a CTF…this is not productive ;-;

~12:00…showered now sleep. I lost basically an hour to shower / videos for the video series :S

9/18/2013 [This is going to suck]

Minor update financially: I’m totally broke! Negative money in accounts level of broke-ness, woo! We’ll see where that takes me…so far not crying on the inside too much, but definitely complaining too much in public. Oh well, onto the work.


10:30 the day begins.

11:00 some progress on Class Mech. Not fast enough.

12:45 more progress on Class Mech, daily logistics are getting in my way though. Time to leave for research meeting :S

3:30 meeting accomplished, I should have money owed to me soon. Next meeting scheduled concretely, which is good. Homework was not quite finished for Class Mech. I really needed the hours I overslept…oh well. Planning while waiting for ride home.

6:00 arrived at Tech…

7:45 Back to work…lost a lot of time to dinner 😐

~2:20am basically done with E&M and onto other things. Going to give myself some time to log fitness [lack thereof] and health things.

~3:20am Not strictly useful, but I managed to type up the problems for the next quantum hw [due Monday] and it looks reasonable. Fitness / health trackers are all sync’d and good to go. Going to get up, stretch, water, then get onto doing some research :3

~4:20am I got some serious organizational progress on FCNC stuff and I have begun to make progress with the kinematics I have been ignoring. . .but my energy is not workin’ out…I’ll have to examine this stuff in detail after I’ve slept some more and can think through it more clearly. If I can make a habit of getting a minimum of an hour a day on this in, I’ll be in better shape for pace and finances @.@

[At 9:30 I’ll transition to the next day’s post.]

6:00am Basically done with EM…need to clean up one last thing. Gym opens soon…I should go run and shower and stuff, then come back and finish the work. I’m starting my dietary / fitness log now though.  Goal for when I get back: Finish EM, read EM book, Bubble research, food.

~7:30am back from exercise, onto quick food then finish EM / read EM fo sho. I kind of want to try and spend some time going over PGRE stuff…but I don’t know how effective that’d be. Definitely not drinking caffeine until after I get a nap.

~8:30 good fifteen minutes of bubbles and the rest was food, EM finishing or sitting around.

Got some reading done but sort of dozed some…homework was turned in successfully though.


Round 2? Yep.