June 17, 2013

I’m going to get things done today.
So far;
Smoothie breakfast [protein]
4.5/5 on German Oral Final .=.
30 minutes on Bubbles, new potential isn’t working out…I’ll need to tune it by hand this evening.
~30 minutes on my Fall budget…good god is it depressing. Step one is to cut back on food costs, but I’m still, well, ….I’ll see.

Have to pick up room then lunch and German essay, hopefully groceries following…….

Groceries, room etc done and it’s now 5 pm. What the actual fuck…

…almost 7. Half an hour ish on the essay and 45 minutes or so Bubbles. A brief nap, too.

Dinner, planning. FINISH EDITING THE CODE IN calcInitial…

Essay done, 8:45. Wow….this is not so great…

Lots of vocab and testing?



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