June 15, 2013

…I’ve been slacking a bit too hard.

Put about 2.5 hours into the German Oral Exam today [it’s a project]…that was slow and not super fun, but hopefully with another 2 hours or so from each of us it will work out nicely.

Putting in some time for the bubbles, learning how Kranc works a little better. Modified ScalarTensor files still failing though… I am really hoping I have an expanding bubble by Friday…then it’ll be onto two, etc.

Looking forward to Caltech in just over a month! I have a list of people to bother while there, I think I’ll update my calendar to include what’s going on there.

Need to actually register for DPF…and buy tickets…crap. I need to calendar this as well.

Walked around some to get out, then a half an hour of Vocab compilation. I need to get everything together and start on Verbs this evening.

Dinner and then more work on the project…one hour down, one more to go before I’m satisfied with this evening.

Some more work on the bubbles. I think I found part of my failing…we’ll see.


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