June 8, 2013

Rose,  Laundry, nap.
2*15 mins German vocab
Groceries, lunch.
2*15 mins German vocab, chapter 7. Can read, need to work on: Gender, Plural, Conjugation.
Tea break
30 minutes on my Personal Statement for NSF/Fulbright etc. Definitely making progress, hopefully will have three or so pages by Tuesday [to be pared down, of course]. Still need: Plan of research!

Emailed the Fulbright coordinator for Europe and a potential research mentor @.@

1 hour of particle stuff.
another half an hour. Ugh, dfahsldflafd
30 more minutes of German. Vocab for chapter 8. Needs lots of work.

Chapter 9…needs a lot of work as well. Sucks :L
Back to particles…
Some more German.
Caught up on Stewart 😐
Okay day?


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