Slept. A lot. Woke up, went to Soft Matter. Cool stuff on how to study the elastic responses of a material through an oscillatory strain and such. Convolutions and Fourier Transformations, woo!

Cosmic coffee was alright, went pretty smoothly.

Class Mech II was alright, kind of low level?

Agency meeting = pizza, woo~

Research progress? Yes! Plots made with titles and everything. Onto the presentation…

Decided to look for current limits on the process I calculated…turns out my mentor’s work is cited several times in the latest publication of said limits.

Schedule for Thursday:

10-12: presentation work, woo~

12:00-1:00 Study GR from Carroll

1:00-1:30 Study Plasma Physics

1:30-3:00 GR
3:00-4:30 Plasma Physics

Cool link is cool?

Sad link:

look at the graph vs. time. She has two kids…I bet the years with virtually no papers are the years she had them :/ Sucks…


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