Monday was a mess…mostly spent with quantum homework.

Todo List:


GR – catch up, class was great today. Woooooooooo gravitational waves

Soft Matter – Review Glasses
Plasma – stay awake ;-; [legitimate challenge today…didn’t sleep] – Professor wasn’t here, grad student lectured? It was great!

QM II – Wait? Review?

E&M – Study for Final, get Plasma notes [irony?]

Stat Mech – Read Chapter 7, take notes, do problems from Problem Book?

Seminar – try not to sleep

Research: See previous posts for Astro

DRAFT OF CONFERENCE TALK – tonight, please.

Things to remember:





Did some sleeping…a bit at least, and did some research on summer schools. I’ll call it 30% productive.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I can calculate gu->tγ  🙂 Now to run it over renormalization scales and masses. Completely forgot to mention going to MUSE on Saturday…oops? Was kind of cool.


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