E&M – study for exam ;-; tomorrow.

QM – HW due Tuesday, do some more of this.

Soft Matter – Re-read paper tomorrow, study glasses, and study Witten…prepare presentation ;-;

Gravity – Catch up in general, sadface.

Plasma Physics – Attend class and try not to sleep [look into old exams]

Cloudy goals [keep in mind for Friday]:maybe take out cosmic rays?

abundances orion usually includes grains, but can’t change dust to gas easily.
tell no grains, then add them back
table 7.2 in Hazy part 1 has abundance data.
ISM grains…?
abundances ISM no grains
grains ISM graphite 9.0hden? maybe do this dynamically
for a given density and temperature call cloudy, integrate up get rosseland mean opacity.
check to see if removing iterate to converge changes timing.
Rosseland mean opacity v. temperature for different dust to gas ratios
^ start with this
1, 5, 10 for dust to gas ratio.
run ISM and not ISM for integrated.
Remove iterate to convergence and check timing.
need lots of opacity files


2-2:30 – E&M

4-5 E&M

6:30-7 E&M

7:15-7:30 E&M

asjfhalsf stuff later that evening

Django was alright?


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