From last post:

Stat Mech – Quiz Friday… Start studying Wednesday at latest, attended/ing class today…not paying much attention.

QM – HW due Thursday, start Monday.
Soft Matter – Re-read paper tomorrow, study glasses, and study Witten

Gravity – Catch up in general 😦 sadface.

Senior Seminar – Prep for talk, ha…haha, oh fuck this is Friday. Oh fuck, oh fuck….
Plasma Physics – Attend class and try not to sleep ><‘ that is all. [look into old exams, later]

DO: Plan every god-darn day of April through the end of the conference.


~30 Cloudy work/scripting for temperature. I hate Perl…so, so much. Worse than FORTRAN by far.

FAFSA progress is good, submitted…waiting for it to bounce.

~1 hour of E&M hw. It’s done.

Excellent colloquium talk by Nigel Goldenfeld…really, really cool stuff. On a related note, we have a bio group that models mitochondria?

~1.5 hours quantum hw ish? It’s slow ish going to say the least…

note to self, this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=EKWGGDXe5MA

~15 minutes on senior seminar presentation, working on the introduction to DM bit.

ran ~2 n 3/4 miles, feels good?

~15 more minutes on senior seminar presentation…serious progress. I should probably memorize this by then though:


and review the HPS proposal:


Got some walking in?
~15 minutes of studying for the actual EDym Test 😐 sort of useful but could have been better.
Will do some more when I get home…need to plan for tomorrow so that it is a little more efficient…good to have some hw done though!


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