Tutored for 1 hour on Diff Eqs. Fun stuff I didn’t quite remember XD

Half an hour of work on Cloudy stuff…I definitely have some questions to ask.

~25 tutoring.

Another half an hour of work on Cloudy stuff, plus some plotting work 🙂 Reproduced the plot of energy vs. opacity, too lazy to convert to wavelength at the moment but I’ll write a script to do it later [it’s ~3000 points so a script makes sense].

~30 minutes tutoring

~30 minutes on Cloudy stuff and script writing.

~15 minutes tutoring…simple physics woo?

~13 minutes of calc tutoring…

okay…I have a nice working script which converts the first column of something [into decimal for super duper precision] into another unit and prints the second column as is.

.-. this will be useful for other things later, I’m sure.

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII should do some homework or study then sleep…today has been lots of “working”

Update: Things still to do list:


it’s giving me weird numbers that aren’t numbers…I suspect a failure in the matrix language used -.- ugly problem I should fix Monday at latest.

Homework and studying and stuff, wooooo

E&M – 3 problems due Friday. Midterm a week from today [posting after midnight] @.@ oh poooooooooooo do this Tuesday evening at latest

Stat Mech – Quiz Friday… Start studying Wednesday at lastest
QM – HW due Thursday, start Monday.
Soft Matter – Re-read paper tomorrow, study glasses, and study Witten

Gravity – Catch up in general 😦 sadface.

Senior Seminar – Prep for talk, ha…haha, oh fuck this is Friday. Oh fuck, oh fuck….
Plasma Physics – Attend class and try not to sleep ><‘ that is all. [look into old exams, later]

DO: Plan every god-darn day of April through the end of the conference.

Change FB password to prevent usage.


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