Reading List

Okay, I’m going to try and compile a reading list…this is not my to-do list exactly, this will probably be edited into a page and the to-do list in a post that will follow.

This is going to start as a mostly unordered list.

  • Finish Kittel & Kroemer
  • Finish Griffiths E&M
  • Re-read Griffiths Particle
  • Re-read Chs 1-5 Griffiths QM
  • Read Dirac’s QM*
  • Read Peskin & Schroeder*
  • Re-read Ryder’s QFT
  • Read Sakurai*
  • Read Feynman lectures*
  • Read Frankel OR Nakahara
  • Read MTW
  • Re-read Taylor & Wheeler
  • Read Predrag’s QFT notes
  • Read Goldstein
  • Read/listen Coleman’s QFT
  • Jackson or Zangwill?

That’s the list for now.


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