3 – 27 – 13

… Ludicrous cosmic coffee today [astrophy seminar]///

I need to step up both my Field Theory AND GR game…

Stuff for tonight? GR!!!!!

I think I have Fall and Summer schedules worked out?

Looks like:

Summer – Adv Lab II and Hilbert Spaces [pass/fail] + research
Fall – QM I [Sakurai], CM I [Golstein], QFT [Cvitanovic] + Fluff course + research
[note that I could call “research” my fluff course…but that’d be lame.]


To-do list [pre-week / end of spring break]


Read Cloudy’s manual, partition TLUSTY?

Update: 1 hour of Cloudy reading, planetary nebula compiled! Best line: “Cloudy is designed to be autonomous and self aware.” …huh.

Collect IR divergences / color factors and send an update to Kidonakis.

Soft Matter – Read Colloid Paper -1 hour in, half done on first read!
Gravity -Finish HW 😦 Do 3.4, 3.7, 3.9, 3.10, 3.12 Read Carroll -finished half a problem? – 1 hour 😦

Senior Seminar – Review presentation.

Stat Mech – Do HW, Read.

Quantum II: HW

Quantum Simulations Paper ;-;

Low prio;

Electrodynamics: Read Chapter 9 in full. HW: do 10.20

…tutored ~15 minutes…I’m still shocked that people can get into calculus without understanding function composition :/

Reading List

Okay, I’m going to try and compile a reading list…this is not my to-do list exactly, this will probably be edited into a page and the to-do list in a post that will follow.

This is going to start as a mostly unordered list.

  • Finish Kittel & Kroemer
  • Finish Griffiths E&M
  • Re-read Griffiths Particle
  • Re-read Chs 1-5 Griffiths QM
  • Read Dirac’s QM*
  • Read Peskin & Schroeder*
  • Re-read Ryder’s QFT
  • Read Sakurai*
  • Read Feynman lectures*
  • Read Frankel OR Nakahara
  • Read MTW
  • Re-read Taylor & Wheeler
  • Read Predrag’s QFT notes
  • Read Goldstein
  • Read/listen Coleman’s QFT
  • Jackson or Zangwill?

That’s the list for now.