Attended classes…that was unexciting mostly, but GR is okay.

Met with Chair and a professor about the video series I’m planning, looks like things will work out nicely. 

Starting tutoring and working on Ballentyne’s stuff.

Reviewed page 1, it’s now ~4:30.

Updated some parts of my SULI app for JLAB…while I want to put Berkeley as my second option things would be easier if I just put SLAC or Brookhaven since I know them both SO much better :/
Basically finished the introduction / half of the second page. It’s about ~5:20 now.

Home, had some cake for first bit of dinner. Working on some plans for the weekend as well.

Some tutoring and some GR notes….slowly making money. 

Some real food then back to AGN?

Nevermind, food and tutoring and AGN stuff…it’ll be interesting.

Some reading of physics websites and a decent chunk of reading AGN stuff, also tutoring happened. Relatively productive.

More AGN stuff…shower then try to wake up early ish. I can be late to Classical II…