Okay…so I’m caught up on *almost* everything…this sort of sucks.

Ahead, but need to do tomorrow:

1. Fermi [bookmarked]

2. Marion n Thornton [2.4 , page 55]

3. Goldstein [eq. 1.23, page 6]

4. Townsend [section 1.2, page 9]


1. Griffith [particles] up to 1.10 (bookmarked) in 2nd edition [ahead for tomorrow]

2. DivGradCurl [took notes on the thing I said I needed to take notes on, on page 25 now]

3. Math Physics HW

4. Ryder 2.1 and 2.2 and a bit of 2.3 [pages 27-33], good review stuff. [need six pages worth tomorrow!]

5. Reading for J Wise [need to fill out NSF forms]

NOTE: Learn some FORTRAN tomorrow!!!!

6. Zee [Section 1.3, up to page 21] [Review tomorrow?]

7. Sterman [3 pages ish, see bookmark…definitely reviewing tomorrow]

8.  QCD n Collider Phys [page 3]


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