Catch up is going to be *so* much fun:

1. Few Pages of Fermi [effectively caught up Yesterday] [bookmarked]

2. Ran through Carrington, possibly will do some problems later, then I can say caught up. [bookmarked]

3. Up to page 21 Div, Grad, Curl… [need to take notes on the evaluating surface integrals part a bit more to consider myself caught up.]

4. Griffith’s up to page 76 (Section 2.2.4), need to work some problems in general though.

5. Marion n Thornton to 2.4 [page 55]

6. Jackson through eq. 1.9, page 28…good review, hopefully later on I can start working old psets [may be put off, though]

7. Goldstein through eq. 1.23 [page 6]

8. Townsend through section 1.2 [page 9]

9. Griffith [particles] 2-2.2, page 60 in 1st ed?

10. Thermo HW for Friday

11. Tutoring for a while?

12. Cycling ~13 miles

12. HRW – read through 4.4 [page 64] see yesterday’s comment about wanting to do some problems…

13. Feynman Lectures up to Chapter 2


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