March 13, 2012

Researched Error Analysis and such some more…I might need Scientific Linux to install my software for the REU??? Sigh…

Working on VCT stuff, Chapter 10.3. Had an issue with problem 12, briefly but understand now. The video is a fantastic resource… :S messed up 15, whoops..I went the complicated route and messed up somewhere.

~1 hour down, and I feel semi-accomplished. Still have a lot to work on, but this was good practice. Just did 16 over again, and that’s a bit better now. Some things should be obvious, but still are not so I may return to these briefly another time.

~30minutes tutoring

Worked on Commonapp some :S I need to get back to doing math though….stretching/walking around first

11.2.2 and 11.2.5 were jokes so far 11.2.8 was easy but slow, will continue onto 11.3 later

~1 hour of VCT from the above.

Working on financial aid information, then possibly Commonapp and such then maybe dinner?

Working Topology 6.3: 1 and 2 were trivial. Need to finish 3.b. Finished problem 4. Finished problem 5. Need to finish problem 6, not doing problem 7.

Read the section on Convexity, still need to try a problem or two.

~1 hour of Analysis from the above

Learned that I may *not* need Scientific Linux, he just hasn’t test on Ubuntu :S…

~1.5 hours on QED renormalization :S need to check some stuff still…

~.5 hours of tutoring ….ugh…

~ (1/3) hours on Sakurai. . .that book could be very good for me if I can devote time to it later.


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