Feb 18, 2012

Starting reading some now, ~2:40

15  Feynman lectures

15 spent on researching schools and REUs

30 Minutes on Caltech Prep, FP6. Need to “See Marion and Thorton pp. 204-210 for tidal things” and look at their solution in terms of delta a (variation in acceleration) my method was correct except for sig figs -,-‘ I believe that my answer to c is correct, even if it wasn’t what they were looking for simply due to the vagueness of the question >.>’

15 Feynman lectures page 79 (7-8)

30 Purcell did 1.8, check~ did 1.14, check~ also read Jackson for a bit 😦 that book. . .sigh

~40 minutes tutoring @.@ that was exhausting for ONE session…so much sigh :((( it was an 8th grade problem but the kid just had so much trouble with division ><

More research on REUs and such…trying to prepare for potential failure from my first round :((( being a “freshman” applicant is going to hurt me, hard.

60 minutes on Ryder >< sort of progress ish? kind of? page (344) 320 in the book >< Some if it is sketch still :[


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