Feb 9, 2012

Learned that I tricked myself with several deadlines .-. Slightly less stressed now, but I’d like to complete the Teng Accelerator Internship application tonight or tomorrow morning still…

Columbia can wait until Wednesday for completion.

UCLA I can do by Friday maybe…

The big thing is to finish Teng and the Caltech Supplement essays =/// I’ll work on those after I eat dinner (~7:30)

Alright I have a topic for my Caltech “how I have fun essay” 😛 I think it’s good…we’ll see though.

I do NOT have a topics for the “ethics essay” yet, fail?

Not terribly worried about the “keywords from friends” one, I think between two friends I can find some legitimate, interesting words that describe me accurately.

Starting topic production on the “why this field” one, but I’m not sure where I’m going with it yet.

Scientific Exploration one. . . .no comment, yet. . . .well, maybe. I have an idea….maybe. (~10pm)

I need to finish this Columbia REU application…wait…I don’t ugh, the whole multiple due dates for different people is confusing (one for each professor and on for myself to stagger the work I need to do).


Made some progress in Purcell…I am tired.


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