Feb 27, 2012

Need to get some organization stuff done.

Goal one:

Where the hell am I applying for schools and REUs?

Turns out, not nearly as many places

Did FP9…need to check it though, some interestingly basic answers…?

Started FP14…it’s a mess

That’s 1 hour of Mechanics ><‘

Did FP 15…need to check this too.  With diagram moving and everything, roughly .5 hours more of Mech.


Feb 20, 2012

30 Minutes of Purcell, wrote up two problems and drafted another. I have a little bit of an issue with writing out things as rigorously as the solutions guide does, but I get the same answer 😛

Started Analysis Take Home…

Biked 10 miles on exercise bike ><! Felt good. Tracking my food intake and exercise …again.

~40 minutes on Python basics ended on processors

30 minutes on Galois Theory, finished problems

Feb 18, 2012

Starting reading some now, ~2:40

15  Feynman lectures

15 spent on researching schools and REUs

30 Minutes on Caltech Prep, FP6. Need to “See Marion and Thorton pp. 204-210 for tidal things” and look at their solution in terms of delta a (variation in acceleration) my method was correct except for sig figs -,-‘ I believe that my answer to c is correct, even if it wasn’t what they were looking for simply due to the vagueness of the question >.>’

15 Feynman lectures page 79 (7-8)

30 Purcell did 1.8, check~ did 1.14, check~ also read Jackson for a bit 😦 that book. . .sigh

~40 minutes tutoring @.@ that was exhausting for ONE session…so much sigh :((( it was an 8th grade problem but the kid just had so much trouble with division ><

More research on REUs and such…trying to prepare for potential failure from my first round :((( being a “freshman” applicant is going to hurt me, hard.

60 minutes on Ryder >< sort of progress ish? kind of? page (344) 320 in the book >< Some if it is sketch still :[

Fep 10, 2012

Finished chapter 1 of Purcell, woo? Need to do problems though. Also, did not like Eq. 39?

Read some of Ryder, that was good  (~9:45)

(~10:20) Did some more Ryder. . .unhappy with something. Stuff that follows is okay, but I need to check what something means.

~4am Researching for essays…so much sigh.

Feb 9, 2012

Learned that I tricked myself with several deadlines .-. Slightly less stressed now, but I’d like to complete the Teng Accelerator Internship application tonight or tomorrow morning still…

Columbia can wait until Wednesday for completion.

UCLA I can do by Friday maybe…

The big thing is to finish Teng and the Caltech Supplement essays =/// I’ll work on those after I eat dinner (~7:30)

Alright I have a topic for my Caltech “how I have fun essay” 😛 I think it’s good…we’ll see though.

I do NOT have a topics for the “ethics essay” yet, fail?

Not terribly worried about the “keywords from friends” one, I think between two friends I can find some legitimate, interesting words that describe me accurately.

Starting topic production on the “why this field” one, but I’m not sure where I’m going with it yet.

Scientific Exploration one. . . .no comment, yet. . . .well, maybe. I have an idea….maybe. (~10pm)

I need to finish this Columbia REU application…wait…I don’t ugh, the whole multiple due dates for different people is confusing (one for each professor and on for myself to stagger the work I need to do).


Made some progress in Purcell…I am tired.

Feb 8, 2012

Working on Caltech transfer exam prep. Here’s the outline so far:


  1. Newtonian mechanics (motion, vectors, trajectories, Newton’s laws, forces),
    1. FP1-completed
    2. FP2-solution in HW6-completed
    3. FP6-solution in HW9
    4. FP9-do
    5. FP14-do
    6. FP15
    7. FP20
    8. QP6-solution in HW6
    9. QP1-solution in HW1*
    10. QP17-solution in HW1*
    11. QP43-solution in HW2*
  2. work and energy,
    1. FP15-do
    2. FP20
    3. QP3–solution in HW3
    4. QP4–solution in HW3
  3. energy conservation,
    1. FP2
    2. FP14
    3. FP20
  4. momentum,
    1. FP2
    2. FP14
  5. rigid rotations, -emphasis~
    1. FP7
    2. FP8-solution in HW7
    3. FP14
    4. FP16-do
    5. FP23-do
  6. angular momentum,
    1. FP16
  7. harmonic motion,
    1. FP5-solution in HW7
    2. FP10-solution in HW6
    3. FP11-solution in HW8
    4. FP13
  8. resonance,
    1. FP5-solution in HW7
  9. gravity,
    1. FP12-do-solution in HW9
    2. FP18-do-solution in HW9
    3. FP20-do
  10. Kepler orbits,
    1. FP4-do-solution in HW9
    2. FP12-do-solution in HW9
    3. FP18-do-solution in HW9
    4. FP20-do
  11. electric fields and potentials & Gauss’s Law,
    1. Purcell Ch. 1, 2, 3
      1. 1.8,1.14,1.16,1.19,1.26,1.29,1.33
      2. 2.8,2.19,2.20,2.27,2.29,2.30
      3. 2.14,2.16,3.1,3.3,3.4,3.8
  12. capacitance,
    1. Purcell Ch. 3.5-3.8
      1. 3.10,3.11,3.24
  13. inductance,
    1. Purcell Ch. 7.4-7.10
      1. 7.17,7.19
  14. magnetic fields,
    1. Purcell Ch. 6.1-6.2
      1. 6.1,6.8,6.10,6.12,6.13,6.14,6.16
  15. Faraday’s law,
    1. Purcell Ch. 7.1-7.3
      1. 7.1,7.3,7.4,7.7,7.9,7.14,7.22
  16. AC and DC circuits, and
    1. AC in Purcell Ch. 8.1-8.2
      1. 8.4,8.5,8.7
    2. DC in Purcell Ch. 4.7-4.11
      1. 4.4,4.7,4.16,4.18,4.19,4.22,4.32
  17. special relativity.
    1. Purcell Ch 5, Appendix A
      1. 5.1,5.8,5.9,5.14,5.16,5.17
    2. David Hogg’s notes
So far today worked on FP1 and FP2 😦 got the delta KE wrong in FP2 because I was careless…will rework another time to be safe!
Will start on Purcell when I get home. Working on REU essays now. (~11:45pm)