Seventeenth Day of Spring Semester 2012…

Spent the night at a friend’s dorm for convenience. Woke up around 10:30 and then did Ring Theory from 11:00-2:00, roughly. Ate lunch and sat around from 2:30-3:30, then headed to library to take care of some work. ~5:20 now, did about an hour and a half of QFT so far, but taking a break for now. I’m making some progress forward, but I spent quite a while looking at some older things. The older things are better now though 😀 so that’s good. I wasted some time in the library looking for books on functional analysis, so I might look over one of them in a bit. Change of topic now though. I think I’ll start working on Analysis at 5:30 for a half an hour, then maybe sets for a half an hour @.@…. ~6…I lied, whoops. Some time wasted on physicsforums asking questions. heading to building where my analysis class is. ~7:25 reading about Topology of the Real line (6.8)…haven’t spent a ton of time on it yet though. On 6.8.4 now

So little accomplished


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