Sixteenth Day of Spring Semester 2012

Half an hour spent on Apostol for Caltech Math time…the whole no Galois Theory today fucked me up bad >:[ Pretty chill material, left something for myself to prove. Think I proved it in workplace, will take a look at it later I suppose?

Covered quite a bit of Alt4.20, want to be able to re-write the proof still now that I understand it a bit better…there are some parts that were not hard that I did NOT understand the first time through .-.
I’ve read Alt 6 through 6.7 or so, but I need to go back and prove some things/re-read some examples probably before moving on.
There really IS a lot more to topics in sets than I thought, some of this stuff takes a while to digest after reading and re-reading ><…progress is good though. A total of another hour was what I just did, so that’s good….

~11 Ate dinner, got my jacket back, got brownies…exercised for an hour too. Onto Caltech Physics prep then definitely QFT.

~11:20 **Problem 50 was legit*** SO OP did the problem  55 in REA physics no problem. Jokes. Moving on >:] ch. 3, Kinematics XDD …I feel like I can skip this, but that would be cheap.  *Problem 71 had a semi legit approach. *86 is a very straight forward approach as well. *Problem 91 says show…they should have just plugged and demonstrated… I’ll call it an hour now and then worry about finishing the last ten minutes later.

~12:27Still need to:



Galois Theory

(technically I need another half an hour of Caltech Math preparation…)

Taking a break (god knows why)..

~2am I ate and did college/research application stuff for a while .-. working on Galois Theory now. . .

~3am An hour of Galois Theory done @.@ done with Chapter 14 now…but I’m definitely going to need to review before presenting 😦

~3:30 Finished the reading I needed to do for Caltech Physics preparation.. on page 101 now 😛 Dynamics~



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