Fifteenth Day of Spring Semester 2012


I got in at 11 and did an hour of GR…that was kind of fail, but I know now that I’m going to have to take my time with some of it and review some of the tensor arithmetic etc. etc.

Meet with two professors about summer research locations and I got some feedback…should be helpful

Ate lunch from 1-2,

Set theory from 2:30 to 3

Did Apostol from 3-4 now I’m here. I had exercising scheduled, but I have no shorts .-. so that’s fail.  Updating fitocracy and livestrong, will be thinking of something to do instead shortly.

~5 starting up again on sets and then going onto Analysis .-.

~5:45 read the complex number part of the Analysis book, did not attempt any of the exercises by hand but did a few in my head.

~6:30 total of about an hour on Sets and Analysis, so I’m at about 1.5 hours today. Starting class today.

~2am So I worked on Galois for about 50~ minutes and I plan to round off an hour with some reading, but that was a while back. I also had an hour of time exercising, a while eating dinner (mostly spent eating free-ish food) and a huge portion of time was spent on organizing applications. As of now, I’ve yet to prepare to go to sleep and I have yet to do any work on GR(eh whatevs) and have yet to do any work on preparing for the Caltech physics exam ^^;…oops? I might do a half an hour of Caltech Physics preparation and then sleep somewhere close to three, over all…not an unproductive day though.



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